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Mattress upholstery











Upgrading for quilted fabric or plastic (water-resistant) fabric is also possible.


If the inner foam of a mattress is in poor condition, new foam can be applied to re-firm the mattress and ensure a few extra years of service.


The mattress upholstery system consists of three stages which occur in the same day;

  • Stage one: One of our drivers will pick up your mattress from your house in the morning

  • Stage two: the mattress is brought to our factory and is upholstered accordingly to your instructions.

  • Stage three: The upholstered mattress is finalized and one of our drivers will deliver it back to your house in the afternoon.


For the mattress upholstery system feel free to contact us by email or by phone to make an appointment.
Appointments must be made at least one day in advanced.


Mattress upholstery consists of removing the old fabric of a mattress and applying new fabric. This process is ideal for dirtied or damaged mattresses. The basic mattress upholstery process is made with regular fabric.

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